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ABA Therapy for Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) refers to the neurodevelopment disorder that is characterized by impaired communication, social interaction issues and a pattern of repetitive behavior. ABA Therapist and Autistic BoyThe exact cause of the condition is not known but experts say that genetics can play an important role along with certain metabolic, immunological and environmental factors. While it is not medically dangerous, autism can make it difficult for parents to communicate with their children and give rise to a host of other issues. It has been observed that the condition tends to affect boys more than girls.

Even a few years ago, it was deemed fit to place kids with autism in special institutions. There was a dearth of well qualified and trained professional services that could efficiently support kids with the condition. Today, thanks to the advancements in medical science and technology, there is a lot of help available for both parents and children. There is immense scope for such kids to learn, grow and prosper in a remarkable way and make a place for themselves in the society.

While there is no permanent cure for autism, there are several education methods and treatment procedures that can help to considerably ease the difficulties of the condition. As the condition is not characterized by one particular symptom or behavior, specific treatment methods need to be followed depending on the individual abilities and requirements.

If you are a parent whose child has been diagnosed with autism, chances are you have heard of ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis). It is a unique treatment method for autism and is the only therapy that has been scientifically proven to work to treat the condition. Through a method of implementing certain teaching procedures and measuring behaviors, the therapy works to enable children to learn a comprehensive set of skills and help them recover from the challenges and the setbacks of the condition.

The Applied Behavioral Analysis model has been in use for several years now touching the lives of thousands of people of all ages, backgrounds and degrees of autism. It was in the 1980’s when the ABA method became popular as one of the most comprehensive programs for the condition. ABA therapy utilizes a specific series of tasks and reinforcements to help literally rewire the brains of the children. While most children imbibe behaviors just by observing the world around them, autistic children need to be taught the basics of behaviors. The therapy teaches the children skills that they can carry for the rest of their lives.

ABA possesses a pro-active style of teaching and can be used with a wide array of age groups. It is a complex treatment method that requires significant time and work by both the child and the family, but the hard work can pay off in the form of excellent results.

The therapy offers children an opportunity to live a regular life and enables them to function well in society, most of the times without anyone having a clue that they have autism. It is designed to enable children to reach their highest potential by imparting them learning, social and critical thinking skills. It is a refined and well-researched method that has been recommended by almost all of the renowned autism researchers.

The treatment offers lessons that are meant to impart real life skills such as how to conduct oneself in different environments such as the classroom, shop, playground and so on. There are also lessons to encourage positive behaviors and avoid a negative behavior. The therapy involves several sessions of questions and answers. Some other activities include learning dancing and other fun activities. In several cases, kids who underwent the therapy were able to participate in a regular classroom setting after within a relatively short span of time.

While experts recommend early intervention as the most successful way to benefit from ABA training, the treatment is successful at any age. Early intervention enables children to be at par with their peers early on and enables them to reach their educational goals at the same time. However, several studies have shown that the therapy is highly effective when started during later childhood or adolescence as well.

Today, a lot of kids are being diagnosed with autism and it is important that the family be well informed on how to help their children cope with the medical condition. There is a wealth of information online about ABA. However, experts do not recommend that you attempt to teach the ABA method to your child on your own. The treatment can be very complex and it is best to take the help of a professional.

To conclude, it is on the parents and the school systems to decide what is best for each child. That said – it is important to know that ABA therapy does work and when employed both at home and school, the results are more effective.

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