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About Spectrum Behavioral Services, Inc.

Lisa Kaufman, Founder and CEO of Spectrum Behavioral Services, Inc.

Spectrum Behavioral Services Inc. was created out of an organic need to help families with children on the Autism Spectrum.

Lisa KaufmanI have been the owner of a home health company for over 20 years, having been able to help families with elderly parents in South Florida, whether it was with skilled services or home health aides. Being a leader in the community has enabled me to see how the delivery of care can best be utilized and implemented.

Autism has also affected my family and I have seen how difficult it is for my sister to get services for her daughter. Hanna is now 20 years old. But through the years, she has needed the help of Occupational Therapy, a homework helper, a driver, and a shadow at her school. I have seen very close up what you have been going through.

I have set this business up to use my personal and professional expertise to help others like myself.

Lisa Kaufman




Center for Autism and Related Disabilities Autism Leader Breakfast

Lisa Kaufman, Spectrum Behavioral Services Inc. at The Center for Autism and Related Disabilities Autism Leader Breakfast



 Lisa Supports The Friendship Circle of South Florida

Lisa Kaufman at Friendship CircleThe Friendship Circle unites children with special needs with teenage volunteers for hours of fun and friendship, empowering the children and enriching the lives of everyone else involved.

The children learn confidence while exploring their abilities and talents, while the teens experience the value of giving.

In addition to integrating children with special needs into the community, families, through Friendship Circle programs and the Friendship Circle family get a much-needed respite.