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Applied Behavioral Analysis Assistant

Applied behavior analysis, frequently abbreviated as ABA, is a process that focuses on the ways that people learn. One well-known example is ‘positive reinforcement’. Simply, if a reward follows a particular action, then that action will probably be repeated. Applied Behavioral AnalysisThere are many other types of interventions that can be utilized to influence desired changes in behavior, and ABA has the objective of meaningfully improving social behavior using these techniques, and then ascertaining that the practices used actually did cause the improvement. This therapy has been approved by many insurance carriers. Please call for more information on your particular health plan.

There are a number of different professionals who can provide behavior analysis services. The Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is a graduate-level independent practitioner who provides services related to behavior analysis.

The Applied Behavioral Analyst Assistant (BCaBA) credential signifies that the individual has earned an undergraduate certification in the field. These professionals are authorized to practice under the supervision of a BCBA. Attaining this credential requires passage of the certification exam, an accredited bachelor’s degree, completion of specific coursework, and 1000 hours of supervised experience in the field.

Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) is another credential frequently seen in the behavior analysis field, and denotes a paraprofessional who implements behavior analysis services under the supervision of a BCBA or a BCaBA.

Behavior analysts may try to achieve a variety of different results, such as increasing or maintaining desirable behaviors, teaching new skills, transferring behavior from one context to another, and restricting or reducing interfering behavior.

At Spectrum Behavioral Services, we strive to be the leader in ABA therapy placement. In Florida, many insurance carriers now have benefits for autistic individuals utilizing the behavioral analysis therapies.

While improvements are normally not rapid, they are meaningful, and sometimes the rate of progress can be surprisingly quick. It has worked so well in certain cases that some autistic preschoolers exposed to applied behavioral analysis early in their lives have been able to attend regular classes once they started school. Our BCaBA therapists and RBTs will be able, if your school allows, to be a shadow for your child.

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