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Caregiver Services

It can be challenging to have a family member with autism. Parents will frequently ignore their own well-being in order to give their child the care they require. Parents’ own work and family obligations create stress. While the stress usually affects the main caregiver the most, all members of the family usually experience some effects.

Respite Care for Family MembersCaregivers can alleviate much of that stress. Caregiver care is quite simply, substitute care – when an alternate caregiver takes over responsibility for the autistic family member. It’s usually for four hour intervals of time, allowing the regular caregiver to do things like go shopping, see a movie, attend a social or religious function, keep a medical appointment, spend some time alone or with their partner, take a full day off to just relax, or even take an actual multi-day vacation.

We are experts in respite care. Our caregivers will come to your home or residence and provide the security and relief you are seeking.

Some parents of autistic individuals think that no one can take their place as the caregiver, and they feel a responsibility to always be there for their child. According to psychologist Dr. Robert Naseef, this logic is flawed. He points out that the better care one takes of themselves, the more they can give to their loved ones.

While our caregivers are integrating with your family dynamics, they will give you piece of mind to “take off” and do what you need and want to do in your “free” time.

Caregiver services are truly an indispensable element for the regular caregiver in a family containing a person on the autistic spectrum. Every family will have different needs, so respite care is quite flexible.

While you may be able to call on friends or family to provide occasional help, taking advantage of trained professionals is a more dependable way of assuring respite care when it’s needed. That’s where Spectrum Behavioral Services comes in. Even if you don’t feel you require such services at this moment, it’s smart to investigate the possibilities now so that if you find you need them on short notice at some time in the future you can avoid being overwhelmed.

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