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Understanding How Autism Affects The Thought Process

How Autism Affects The Thought Process

Autism affects around 2 million individuals in the United States alone.

The disorder is usually defined as an impairment in development and communication skills. It was first understood as a disorder that made people revert back into a self-induced world. Of course, this was back in the early 1900s. Autism is better understood now.

Autistic PerceptionFor one, it is understood that those who suffer from autism have an issue that stems from the brain. The exact causes are not known yet, but what is known is that brain cells are not communicating as healthy brain cells normally do. Keep in mind that proper brain cell communication is responsible for social behavior, movement thought processes and learning to name a few.

All the patterns and behaviors associated with autism are related to these issues in the brain. But what do these behaviors represent, and why do autistic people exhibit them?

There are several accounts of people with autism who have been able to communicate what they feel and why some actions seem to help. One autistic person said he refused to be touched because it triggered a sensory bomb within his body. It overwhelmed this person to the point of retreat; he needed to go into a place within his mind to feel in control.

Another autistic person said the senses become so intense that he loses control of his body. He feels as if his focus is being pulled in a billion directions at once, which makes him lose himself. This young boy was able to regain control by focusing his senses on one action, which was to clap his hands.

This is also the reason that many autistic people are usually focused on a task or a particular activity. It helps them focus and be more in control of their senses. What must be understood is that most of the actions taken by an autistic person are done to stay calm and sane.

It is important to understand that there are many types of autism cases. You should be aware of the types of autism that your loved one is dealing with. Some with a mild form of autism do show some level of ‘genius’ behavior. This usually includes arithmetic, language skills, memorizing skills, or painting. The reason these areas usually attract an autistic’s person perception is because of the pattern associated with this skill.

Pattern and routines are some of the tasks that help an autistic person keep control of his or her senses. This is why it is imperative that you allow him or her to continue whatever task that he or she is interested in. It is helps them feel better.

It is true that communication skills will not develop correctly. The overwhelming sensory issues will always cause an autistic person to experience some type of fear. Anxiety, of varying degrees, will occur with over stimulation. This is something that can happen if he or she is in the middle of a crowd as there are loud noises, more than one conversation, sudden movements, physical contact, music, emotional distress, and a lot of other occurrences that may negatively affect an autistic person.

There is much to learn about autism, and it is okay to be scared, to be uninformed, and to ask any questions that you want.